Inspired Projects - Part II

More Inspired Projects...
Jute and Felt Tree Art with Lolly Chessie

I think Lolly was my most favorite instructor. Mostly because she was sooo down to earth and completely in awe that she was there to teach. She has a full time job and a side business, but still manages to do something creative daily. I just couldn’t believe it…until she sprung the news that she and her husband do not own a television. Huh? It was eye opening for me to say the least.

That being said, this project wasn’t my most favorite…mostly because it involved over 5 hours of hot glue hell. All of that jute and twine? Glued strand by strand. I’ve never heard my cussing or “owwww’s” in one room in my life. I’m glad I finished it though. Modern macramé!

PS – I was a complete glue gun newbie, too. I’ve never owned one and couldn’t for the life of me remember ever using one. Gasp!

Pretty Girls with Suzi Blu
Okay, so this the one project I didn’t finish. This was the last class of the entire event and I was getting tired. And completely out of my comfort zone. If only you could see the fabulous creations some of the other people in this class came up with. Mine looks more like Barbie…but if you could just see the others….okay, I’ll have to find some links.  And I really want to finish this one.  I'm on the hunt for supplies.

Encaustic Art with Patricia Baldwin Seggebruch
Encaustic art. Not really for me. I’ve tried it twice now, and while I was much happier with this project than I was after my very first class….it’s just not for me. And that’s okay. We wouldn’t be unique if we loved everything! But I’m glad I did it. Doesn’t mean I’ll be hanging this on the wall or even keeping it long term, though. Now, the fabulous Susan Mintmire? I’d hang hers up at my house. Pester her, maybe she’ll post photos somewhere.

Gosh, I just realized these three were all kina so-so in my response.  I didn't intend to have a debbie-downer post.  Sorry!  But, later we are going to talk about jewelry making and painting on cloth. One was the source of one of the hugest “family” blunders ever, but at least it was funny….and the other….we’ll, let’s just say I’m obsessed.

Happy Monday!

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  1. I still say your encaustic and your jute tree are fabulous. I love what you've done so far with your girl. What are you going to do next?


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