Weekend Festivities

Had a super busy Friday and Saturday. The main events being a trip to the GA400 Antique Market and Paintfest 2011. Two separate events, but both involving two of my favorite people.

Today’s post is focused on Paintfest 2011. Here’s a mid-process photo, cutting in the new color over the old minty-green.

And here’s the finished room (minus any wall decoration/curtains/etc.). Ahhhh – so nice!

We still have the bedroom and two bathrooms and the stairwell to go, but it seems much more feasible now. And I could have never done it without the best helpers….Laurel and Nana (Nancy to those who haven’t officially adopted her as Mom or Grandmother). They were such troopers, even when faced with super tall ceilings and heavy ladders! They definitely took one for the team, and I can’t express how thankful I am for their help!

After they left I realized I didn’t even feed them dinner…oops. We got so caught up that it didn’t even occur to me. That may have been helped along by an ice cream break….or two.

Nana double-fisting ice cream sandwiches.....

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