Ten Things....

  1. There are currently 27 items of clothing waiting to be ironed.  They've been waiting for a long time.  I'm trying to make today the day it happens.  Lord help me.
  2. Only 20 days until I head to the beach.  I can't begin to tell you how much I am looking forward to it.  Lots of beach and pool time with my besties and the four best little bitties
  3. Yesterday was my dad's birthday.  It's been 22 years since he died and his birthday is still a little difficult.  
  4. My birthday is in 7 days.  Having a bit of a struggle with this one.  I'm going to be old!  Well, at least old for me.  And yes, I know I'm young....but the clock is ticking!  
  5. Said birthday above?  Celebrated in the best possible way....all of my best girlfriends hanging out.  
  6. Many years ago my brother moved to Australia.  In 9 short days he moves back to the US.  I can't wait.  We've missed him...although I will miss the idea of him being in such a beautiful place as Australia...and the promise of visiting him there again.
  7. I love the girl who cuts my hair.  When I went to visit her on Saturday I wanted bangs and she gave me the best advice ever.  "Sweaty bangs aren't cute.  Let's wait until fall".  I figured out she was completely right about 10 minutes after I left her house.  It's hot.  I'm thankful I agreed to wait.
  8. In 28 days I'm going here again.  Super excited.
  9. In 49 days I'm going to see him.  I think I assumed I would never see him live in concert.  And now that I know its official, I'm over the moon.
  10. Feeling a little tired and the weather lately...and have to kick it now!  There is entirely too much fun to be had in the next few weeks.
That whole enjoy life thing?  I'm currently doing it!

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