The Book Signing Chronicles

One of my besties, Misti and I have this thing.  We love books.  We love talking about books, deciding which books to read, discussing what we like and don't like about the books we are currently reading.  And we've discovered that we love meeting people who write books.  There is something exciting about seeing the typically anonymous person behind your favorite book. 

Sunday we headed out to meet James Dashner, author of The Maze Runner, The Scorch Trials, and The Death Cure (among others).  Don't panic when you read the titles...they aren't full of death and dying...well, a little...oh, never mind.  Misti and I read The Maze Runner a while ago and were both intrigued. 

James Dashner is actually from Georgia, and he was really pretty funny during his signing "discussion".  All of his books are geared to younger audiences so there were quite a few pre-teens in the audience which was pretty entertaining in itself.  (Cue two thirty-something girls trying to not be embarrased to be sitting next to twelve year olds who are FAR greater fans than they are.) 

It was really encouraging to see these kids, though.  I always worry that newer generations won't get the whole reading thing.  The love of it all, the smell of a freshly printed, a never-cracked spine. (cue this thirty-something referring to kids a the younger generation - gosh, I feel old).

Cue two thirty-something girls embarassing themselves in the middle of Barnes & Noble.

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