Thrilling Thursday

No gorgeous room, or fun fabric today.  I'm in a feisty mood.  :)  Instead I'm going to show you something very least to me.

Isn't that just the cutest early 1980's photo?  That's me, by the way.  So, the photos is cute, but what is thrilling is the fact that this photo has been sitting in a box for the past 20 years at least.  And now it's been scanned and cleaned up and saved digitally for forever.

Now imagine approximately 5,000 more photos just like it.  In three big boxes.  Waiting for me to scan.  I'm strangely excited, but overwhelmed all at the same time.  Have scanner, will scan.  For the next year. I kid....but it could very well take that long.

I'm excited to share these photos with my family - and hopefully identify some of the "strangers" I can't identify.  It really is thrilling!

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