It's Monday again (amazing how that happens.  every.single.week).  And it's pleasant.  Even more so because it's following a very pleasant weekend.  I got a few things taken care that have been hanging over my head, spent time with friends, watched the Olympics and had good crafty time.  Pleasant.  Seems kind of boring to describe it that way, but in my world, pleasant is gooooood!  :)

It's also the beginning of August, which means my birthday is coming up!  Woot! 

It also means my Dad's birthday is tomorrow.  And while it's been twenty-two years since he died, I always seem to miss him most on his birthday.  Happy birthday, Daddy!

I'm planning on making even more time available to be creative in the coming weeks!  Until then, here's a recent project for the May issue of Scrap n' Art!

Have a wonderful week!

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