Getting Ready

I'm getting ready.  I'm going to Hawaii!  I'm sure my close friends are tired of hearing about it, but that's just tough :)  This is the longest vacation I've ever taken and certainly the longest trip where I haven't been visiting family.  I'll be visiting with my scrappy friend, Nicole and her husband.  Hoping for lots of relaxation and fun in the sun with a little tourist action thrown in(pray now that I manage to be a grown-up and not get sunburned). 

Getting ready to leave for a trip like this means I have to cram a month's worth of my 9-5 job into about a week and a half, so it's been crazy busy.  And will be until Thursday night.  And then I am home free!  All I have to do after that is run errands and pack and visit friends and be crafty. 

Until then, here's a little project I started to help me keep track of my stamps.  I think I've given up on this system, only because I'm too lazy to stamp new stamps in the book.  Details, details.  ;)  But I'm still loving the little book.

I've been using transparencies more and more on my projects.  They are much thicker than standard transparencies from the office supply store.  I purchased mine at a local graphics store. They work well on covers because of their weight - they can support paper without buckling.  I love them.


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  1. Love this idea of organizing your stamps!!! It's so creative. Btw: have I mentioned yet that I can't wait for you to finally be here?!?! :)))


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