Currently on 6.19.13

I saw this on Amy's blog today, and I'm totally copying!


Digging: that I’m going on a little sightseeing adventure in just two short weeks. 

Not Digging: heartache and not-so hard decisions that are still hard to make                   

Drinking: entirely too much coffee and diet coke.  I think it’s time for a detox.

Eating: do sour patch kids count?

Watching: So You Think You Can Dance, and gearing up for Big Brother!

Wearing: a few new things that I purchased recently – that are completely out of my comfort zone…and I like it

Reading: absolutely nothing except for the most recent Ballard’s catalog - I need a good book recommendation

Feeling: a little worn down

Weather: rainy and sunshine-y and muggy

Wanting: to be making plans for the future, but right now I just need to making plans for the “now”

Needing: to get back on the dating horse

Wishing: that I didn’t have to get back on the dating horse

Hoping: that the creative itch I have turns into a massively successful day of crafty fun this weekend

Thinking: that I’ve been thinking entirely too much.  Must turn off the brain! J

Enjoying: the comfort of my besties and their hysterical antics

Loving: that I’ve been incredibly productive this week and it is a relief

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