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My favorite scrapbooking tool.


If you are hardcore papercrafter, you are probably shaking your head in agreement.  If you are a newbie, let me introduce you to the love of my papercrafting life.  :)

Back when I started this whole scrapbooking thing, 90% of my time was thinking about adhesive.  What kind should I use?  Do I have enough for my project?  The refills cost how much??!!!!   Do I need a different adhesive for ribbon, embellishments and paper?  How the #!%$#%^$^$ do I get these Hermafix tabs out of this dang cartridge (seriously, you know what I'm talking about, right?)?

The biggest thing, though, was price.   I can't even comprehend how much I spent on adhesive.  If I was working on a mini album, I could easily go through three or four cartridge refills.  That could easily be $25! 

And then I saw one these ATG guns sitting on a nearby craft table (this was back when ATG's were specifically made for framing, not crafting).  And the angels' began to sing!  It was an investment to begin with, but man, I never think about having enough adhesive.  I order refills once a year or so and never think about it again.  I also use my ATG for embellishments and ribbon (occasionally I use adhesive strips, but only if I have them).  Really, the only other adhesive I use regularly is a liquid for heavy duty use.

So, there you have it.  My favorite tool. 

Want to join in the fun of sharing your favorite tool?  Just go to Scrap It Girl's post and add your post to the linky!

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