I've been traveling! - Charlotte Edition

Saturday, I was up and out of Raleigh and headed to Charlotte for a visit with Stacey PL!  I’ve known her for about 13 years (yowsa, that’s scary).  We used to work together at my current company, and when she moved to Charlotte, we stayed in touch.  It’s kind of amazing how friendship works.  We hadn’t seen each other in five-ish years.  But it was like it was five days ago. We just took up where we left off.  

We sat in the sun (it was amazingly warm!) at a local barbecue joint and caught each other up on all of the crazy details of our lives, including full-on relationship scoops.  Later, her boyfriend graciously watched her little boy so we could escape again to Dean & Deluca for a little shopping.  Guys, seriously – D&D is amazing!  I’ve only been to the location in Charlotte, but I love it.  It’s full of gourmet foodstuffs.  We wandered around for entirely too long.

Disregard all of the wine behind us. We spent time in other sections, too.  J  

And then there's this.  Stace - you should know better than to make faces while I'm taking pictures!  Don't ask me about why we had to take a picture of this little saying.  I'd try to explain, but I'd just come across as dirty...and we wouldn't want that.  :)

Our picnic dinner!  Fig crackers, creamy cheese with wild mushrooms, olive tapendade and fruit sodas.  It was delicious!

And then we had to make a major decision!  There was so much deliciousness to choose from! 

We ended up with a coconut macaroon and lemon curd tart to share.  And honestly, I didn’t make it through all of mine.  I wanted to, trust me!  But all of my rich food eating finally caught up with me, and I just couldn’t do it. 

Sunday morning was all about coffee and more conversation, then I headed towards home with a pit stop at the Fossil outlet store.  Lord help me.  I wanted to buy everything!  I managed to contain myself, but did manage to find a watch I’ve had my eye on for a while!

And then home.  Only to discover there was a party in progress.  So I parked my car and sat in the sunshine with the gang.  And played a little Ladderball. 

So happy to be back in my little house…but looking forward to a few more adventures like this in the next few months!

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