I’ve been traveling! - Raleigh Edition

Well, traveling to North Carolina, but it counts!  I drove up to Raleigh last Wednesday for a work conference.  The conference itself was pretty standard (and interesting…but interesting only if you are in marketing at a AE firm…so I won’t give you the details J).  At lunch on Friday, I managed to sneak away to visit Furbish.  I’ve been a long-time reader of I Suwanee, and while Jamie’s design aesthetic is wildly different from my own, I love the eye candy.  When I realized her shop was less than two miles from my hotel, I had to make a trip.  I’m totally kicking myself for not taking a single photo in the shop, but I did make a couple of small purchases, which I’ll show you another time! 

I headed back to the hotel for another conference session, but after that, I decided to walk down the street for lunch with a couple of friends/conference peeps.  It was freezing and raining!  Like gusts of wind that made it difficult to walk. The rain itself was more like ice pellets.  And I didn’t bring my winter coat from Atlanta (I know.  This is something I do a lot.  Even at home, I’ll run out of the house and to the car, only to realize, once I reach my destination that I really need my coat!).  It didn’t take more than about two minutes to be completely frozen so we ran into the first restaurant we saw.  It was fortuitous!  The most delicious sushi I’ve ever had.  If it hadn’t meant braving the cold to get there, I would have gone back for dinner!

After our fantastic lunch, I headed back to the hotel to warm up.  I’ll admit, I took a major nap.  My week apparently caught up with me.  It was wonderful!  It was so cold outside, I splurged on a room-service dinner instead of going out again.  All in all, it was a wonderful afternoon/evening.

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