It's Thursday

No thrilling or throwback Thursday today!  But I thought I'd at least write something!  But first, I can't write without a picture - so here you go!   Wednesday was Administrative Professionals Day - and these beauties arrived first thing!  I love having fresh flowers on my desk.  I swear the make me more productive!  Or at least they give my eyes a break from the computer.  

time: quitting time.  at least from my office.  I'm about to head out to dinner with a friend.

drinking: water.  lots and lots of water.  But only in with crushed ice.  Ever since I was sick in February I much have ice.  I guess I just got in the habit.

watching: not much.  I just finished the first season of Orphan Black.  I need something new.

loving: sunshine.  and warmish breezes.  even though there is pollen.

thinking: about how a big, behind the scenes change is happening when it comes to my free time.  It's bittersweet, but I'm more happy than sad.

needing: a new mattress.  right now.  the idea of making the decision is daunting, but I'm just going to have to get over it.

making: a few things every once in a while, but not terribly motivated.  I've got ideas...but am struggling to make what I create look like those ideas in my head.  But I know I tend to work in phases like this.  inspiration will hit soon, I'm sure of it.  

enjoying: sleep.  oh, how I am enjoying sleep.  and greek salads.  and grilled cheese sandwiches.


  1. I have been thinking a lot too. :) Ah sleep, I love it too! The flowers are beautiful, so glad they show you that you're appreciated.

    1. :) Sleep is so underated! Thanks for commenting!


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