While I've been experimenting with different mediums in art journaling, I've found myself really drawn to watercolors.  I've had limited experience with them, and practicing on my own has been good, but not enough.  I have questions and really want to get a true idea of what watercolors are capable of...or rather, what I'm capable of doing with them! :)

So, when I found out about the Watercolor for Cardmakers class, I signed up. I'm not necessarily a cardmaker, but I think there is a lot I can learn and apply to scrapbooking and art journaling.  Already, after just watching the introductory videos, I've learned a couple of major things.

Once of first assignments was to create swatches.  Turns out, I have more colors and options than I thought. These swatches aren't even including the spray inks and gelatos I own!

And after doing these swatches, I pulled out a template and some washi tape and got busy.  Loving how it turned out.

Happy, happy!

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