It's Official!

It’s official. Creative Escape here we come!! Laurel and I are registered. Let the countdown begin. 311 days. Whoohoo. I promise I won’t countdown on every blog entry from now until then. I just had to get it out of my system!

This past weekend, was super busy, but lots of fun. Friday afternoon, I picked Mom up and we went to an open house at Peridot, one of my favorite little Buckhead stores. They’ve now opened another shop right next door, The Market at Peridot, that sells more furniture and artwork. It was lots of fun to mingle around and check out all of their new wares. We decided that both stores are chock full of things you could comfortably live your entire life without, but life would be so much more interesting with a few of those things!

Then a-home we went to make potato salad to go with Laurel’s yummy pulled pork. Sadly, we didn’t let the potatoes cook long enough, so they were a little chewy, but we were just so tired. I think at some point while peeling the potatoes I had my eyes closed…I may have even dosed off for a moment! It wasn’t so bad though, especially considering I had some of it for lunch today along with a grilled ham and cheese sandwich. Yummy.

Saturday was a long day of scrappin’ at Laurel’s. I can’t believe she managed to fit 7 people in her scrap room and dining room, but it was great! Lots of laughter and creativity. I managed to get all the way out there only to discover that I left my supply hopper “thing” on the table at home which meant no adhesive or scissors, or ruler or adhesive eraser or distresser – nothing!! I thought I was going to have to go home, but then talked to Laurel and realized she probably had every single thing I (and my Mom – who is sharing in my tools) could possibly need. Whew!

I started working on a mini album of my trip to Australia using Ali Edwards CK
KOTM. I thought it would be fairly simple, but I think it’s going to take me a little longer than expected. There are so many picture decisions to make!

Sunday afternoon, I headed up to 12Stone at Crossroads for Elizabeth’s dedication. It really was wonderful to be able to be a part of the big event. I am so blessed to have all of the Clavell girls in my life – and I pray constantly that they live a life full of joy, love and blessings. It’s a commitment to be a part of something so wonderful and I thank God every day to be so honored.

Miss. Elizabeth -

Re-Re (me) and Elizabeth

Me, Lisa and Misti (the three of us together - in one photo - rather rare!)


  1. I want a copy of that picture of the three of us! It was good spending time with you this weekend... I've missed you. ;o)

  2. You all look wonderful. Glad you had a great time scrapping with Laurel. Maybe I can meet up with her sometime to scrap. Sure do miss you all greatly!

  3. Hey! I have a blog...Jennifer's Getaway....I do not know how to add yall as friends though.



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