Port St. Joe

Good Morning! Sitting in 1 of the 2 hotels in Port St. Joe. Everyone is still sleeping and I am enjoying a little "alone" time, before the troops are up and running!

We are here to see the ocean and eat tons of good seafood, and visit Lana. Today is also the Appalachicola seafood festival, so we'll head the 25 or so miles over to check it out. I have fond memories of the festival...we went when I was younger...we'll see if it's as grand as I remember.

Here's hoping everyone has a wonderful weekend!


  1. You didn't tell me there was a seafood festival!! That alone would make the trip worthwhile. Well, I'm working this weekend anyway. :-( I hope you have an absolutely fabulous time!

  2. Have fun & don't eat too much!


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