2nd weekly GOYBSPN night is Thursday! We're going to try it again. Misti and I both are on board to go for second week in a row. Now if only I could stop procrastinating on making the list of what do to on "stop procrastinating" night! J Actually, I've got it figured out…it will involve all of those pesky papers that pile up over the course of the year. Nasty things…those bills and records. Thursday is the night I'm purging and making a pile of things to scan so they can eventually be disposed of. Otherwise, they will keep piling up in my closet.

Are you going to join us? Hope you do – let us know!

This past weekend was really, really eventful. I had every intention of taking tons of pictures and took my camera everywhere. And didn't take single one. Argh. It was just too busy. Oh well.

Here's hoping everyone had a wonderful Easter! More soon!

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