Sorry about the delay in posting, folks. I've been a bit unmotivated! :) I'm sure you understand.

Wednesday night was our second (annual, weekly, monthly - whatever) GOYBSPN night! My task - go through all of the papers I've accumulated in 2007. The container I throw things into was so full and heavy that the wire frame bent. So, this is what I started with...

And this is what I ended with...

Doesn't seem like much progress, right? I got everything sorted out and made piles for scanning. And then threw it all in a pile to deal with later. Oops. Talk about procrastination. I guess this week's project will be a continuation of last weeks project :)

Misti was WAY more successful. Check out her project here.

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  1. Was that all you had? My pile would put yours to shame. ;-)


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