I wish it were warm enough to swim....

A few weeks ago, I distinctly remember saying, "I wish it were warm enough to swim". I take it back, really, I take it allllll back! It was 99 degrees at 5 pm today. It's almost tooo warm to swim!!!!!

It's been one of the best weekend's I've had in a long time. And I am thankful for it! The C's and M's came over Friday for a little swim party (and I didn't take a single photo - shoot). It's always funny to see my house overran with little kiddies and adults. And this time they brought this collapsible wagon thingy and pulled it right into the house. Amazing. I think it held everything necessary for all 4 kids, swimming gear and food.

And they guys were nice enough to let L & M stay after the party was it turned into girls night....we haven't done that in ages, if ever.

Saturday I spent the majority of the day, sitting right in front of this computer, working on things for Scrapista.

And this morning went to church - then ran over to the Mall of Georgia to see The Proposal. It was as good as I hoped it would be.

It's been just what the doctor ordered! Hope you all enjoyed yours!

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