The list…

Where has this year gone? I mean really. It seems like just yesterday we were finishing up the holidays - and they are already here again. I had a major moment this morning. I suddenly became "ready" for the holidays. Call me kooky, but it was a sudden change in feeling. It's time!

I can't help but think back to this time last year. And realize that things are sooo much better this time around. All that stuff mainly centered around the 9-5, and the unknown of what was going to happen which turned into taking a pay cut and moving. And while the pay cut is still there and the move still happened, life is ever so much more peaceful. Full of possibilities, ideas, and largely filled with joy. I don’t think I truly realized all of that until I typed that just now.

And with the holidays come the "list". Not the New Year's resolution list, but the list of things you want accomplish in the next year…..

§ Revive Scrapista and hold our first event

§ Hone my photography skills

§ Complete another Beth Moore study (I officially finish the study on  Esther tomorrow!)

§ Read and review even more books

§ Practice writing (those book reviews will help)

§ Keep scrapbooking, or whatever crafty thing that sparks my interest, and find my "voice"

§ Live life intelligently, don't just let it pass by, enjoy every stinkin' moment of it

Those are the big ones. There are so many little, bitty ones and I'll work on those too!

What's on your list? And, do you really, really believe it can happen? I do!

And finally, I leave you this hilarious wish from Kolette Hall. Have a great Thanksgiving!


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