Happy Thanksgiving!

Don’t worry, I’m not completely crazy.  Just a little behind.  So, here it is.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Our thanksgiving festivities began on Sunday before Thanksgiving with a “celegration” (a celebration and congegration all in one – as coined by my momma) at Pappadeaux.  We celebrated Thanksgiving, the birthdays of both Aunt Paula and Aunt Patricia and Uncle Charles and Rose’ anniversary (from a distance since they couldn’t make it to Atlanta).  We missed everyone who is so far away, and a few who are nearby but couldn’t make it. 

The Aunts and my Mom headed to R-Ranch on Monday, but returned on Wednesday to cook Thanksgiving dinner and take it back to the ranch.  I spent the actual day at my good friend Laurel’s, with her wonderful family, and played entirely too much Wii tennis.  More Wii over the remaining weekend and a little bit of creative time. 

I’m finally feeling like my old self. And it’s so nice to have both my brain and body functioning like a normal human being. 

And tomorrow is a big day!  Misti and I are going to see Pioneer Woman!  She’s going to be in Atlanta for a book signing.  I’m sure we’ll both be posting periodically through our afternoon/evening tomorrow.


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