Pioneer Woman

So, I’ve spent a good part of today waiting to have Ree Drummond aka Pioneer Woman sign her new cookbook. 
Misti and I arrived at Border’s around 1pm to pick up our wristbands and found out that the signing had been moved up to 6pm – which was great, except it meant the powers-that-be had decided to cancel the discussion and q&a session – boo.  Oh well.  I would have loved to hear her speak, but it was super nice to be able to meet her and take a quick photo. 
We stood in line for an hour and forty-five minutes once the signing started.  It really wasn’t bad at all.  I was pretty impressed by how friendly everyone was.  I didn’t notice anyone with a snarky attitude.  We made friends with several people and had fun looking at all of the books on the shelves while we traveled down the line. 
One of the funniest moments was seeing this guy meet Ree and have his photo taken.  He was there to have his Mom’s book signed – super cute!
When Misti and I finally got to Ree – she was amazingly warm and seemed genuinely happy to meet us!  Amazing, considering she had already been through the same routine with about 200 people and there were many, many more after us.  And she’s even more gorgeous in person!
We even chatted with Hyacinth (on of P-dub’s besties) after moving through the line!.
So happy that we went – and another book signing memory!  Hope there are more just as wonderful to come!

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  1. What a great time! I remember that guy waiting in line. He started off with a green band but someone gave him an orange band since he was one of the only guys there plus the book was for his mom!
    Great photos with Ree!


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