thrilling thursday

So seriously, isn’t this just gorgeous? Discovered this photo on a blog I read every day, but for the life of me can’t remember which one right this minute (please forgive me for not remembering!).  The original image can be found here


There is just something about the mesh of colors and fabrics, but what is really striking are the embroidery hoops.  I’d probably poo-poo using such a thing, thinking it wouldn’t be very modern, but after seeing this, I’m totally game!

And this is a fabulous idea!  Removable vinyl to create stripes on a wall.  Seriously.  I’ve seen all of the decals, but never thought it could be used on this scale.  Perfection!  I’m already scoping out a wall.  And it’s perfect for rentals!

   little green notebook2

little green notebook1

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