I'm back!

I'm back!  But missing the sun and breeze of Oahu terribly.  I'm not going to bore you with every detail of the trip, but you should prepare yourself for lots of pictures.  I took over 800 on my big camera alone, plus who knows how many photos with my iPhone.  I'm a bit overwhelmed with how to pick what to print to scrapbook....but for now I'm just going to choose a couple of my favorites from each day and go with it.

I managed to take a few minutes each day with Nicole's (my fabulous hostess) help to journal what we did each day....I was so proud.  And today when I went to look at the wasn't there.  Silly technology.  Hopefully, I can figure out how to retrieve the deleted file.  Does anyone know how?

In the least I have photos! 


I think this last photo may be my most favorite from the trip.  I love that you can see the mountains, trees and water.  Can you feel the breeze on your face as the sun goes down and the sounds of the waves?  Sigh.

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