Be Present {Scrap It Girl January Challenge}

2014 is here!  I can't believe it.  2013 seemed to zoom past, but it seems like I say that every year. 
Instead of setting resolutions this year, I am adopting a bit of a mantra.  It's more than "one little word", but I think it will still qualify. 
Be Present.
By definition, "the period of time now occurring". 
I am a planner, wonder-er, worrier.  And sometimes those things overshadow what is happening right this moment.  So this year, I am going to just "be present".  Of course the planning won't ever stop, but I am making a conscious attempt to enjoy the heck out of each and every moment. 
That also means reducing distractions so I can fully focus on the present.  It even means I have to work on putting the phone down occasionally (eeeeeeek!!).  And maybe not multi-task as much (yikes!). 
Scrap It Girl's January challenge is to use a shiny star on your project or incorporate one of your New Year's resolutions into a project.  Will you join us?  Check out the challenge page for all of the details! 

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