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I don't really talk much about my 9-5 job here, but since today's layout is about, I guess it's time.  I am a marketing coordinator for a design firm.  We do a lot of large scale planning and landscape architecture (not landscape installation or maintenance).  Part of my job is work with a photographer and art director to capture the beauty of our work.  Photo shoot days aren't necessarily easy - there is a lot of waiting for the sun, repetition, and sweat, if it's a hot day.  But it's still fun to be part of that process...and the guys I'm working with make it pretty funny, too.

Last week's shoot was an early one since I had to drive to Rome.  Let's just say I wasn't entirely happy when my alarm went off at 3am.

Then a quick drive in the dark to meet up with the guys and our models and set up the shot and then...waiting.

And wait a little more...

And some more...

Almost there!
Perfect! (unedited photo straight from my phone)

Needless to say, it's worth the wait.

And once there is sun, there is a bit more waiting, for me anyway, between shots and consulting with the guys and directing the models and so I had a little fun capturing Ralph & Bryan "in the wild" (I think the tripod is literally in the water at this point).

This photo was before we hit 900 degrees and 1,000% humidity. At that point it was to hot to even think about anything but get out of the sun and be finished.

After all of that I couldn't resist making a scrapbook page.  I used Studio Calico's Sunday Sketch as a base (I just wanted to make it easy).

There you go!  Happy Monday!

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  1. Great. I loved reading about that day in Rome. Thanks for sharing in pictures and words.


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